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TTV invests in social safety

At TTV Amsterdam we think it is important that members can play table tennis in a socially safe environment.

What is Social Security?

Social security within TTV Amsterdam means that members know and feel protected against transgressive behaviour within the association. By transgressive behaviour we mean transgressing standards (code of conduct) and the law. Such as: morals, embezzlement, bullying, peer pressure, violence, etc.
Awareness and prevention are important ingredients that contribute to a socially safe environment.


We believe that children should be able to change clothes quietly. We only have one dressing room per gender, which means we cannot separate by age. We do believe that parents of members and visitors and adult supporters should always use the toilets in the general areas (near the canteen) of Sporthal Laan van Spartaan, and not those in the changing rooms.

Code of Conduct

The code of conduct sets limits in relation to contact with minors. This code must be subscribed to by everyone who fulfils a position within TTV Amsterdam. You can find it here. Volunteers or trainers are required to sign these before starting their volunteer work or training.

Certificate of good conduct

When you think of children, young people and table tennis, you immediately think of play, fun and performance. No one associates these words with transgressive behaviour. A mandatory Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) is one of the measures TTV Amsterdam has taken to provide a safe environment. The board determines for whom a VOG is mandatory. The trainers and board members themselves should always submit a VOG in any case. We will start with that this autumn.

Confidential contact person

If there is an emergency situation, such as transgressive behaviour, an accident or a death, our board members are happy to assist you. Volunteers, paid employees, trainers, minors, vulnerable people and, for example, parents can turn to a confidential contact person with their suspicions or knowledge of transgressive behaviour. The confidential adviser is very important to make it easier to report (suspected) unacceptable behaviour.

We will shortly announce our VCP on our team page. He or she can be reached via

As TTV Amsterdam, we use the Sexual Harassment Regulations of Centrum Veilige Sport Nederland when reporting an incident.