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Support TTV Amsterdam and buy Clubactie lottery tickets

Tafeltennisvereniging Amsterdam would love to acquire a number of new training materials focused on foot movement, body shape and balance, and play technique. Those materials enable us to train better and with more variation.

We can only do so with your help! Support us by buying lottery tickets in the Grote Clubactie, a nationwide lottery dedicated to supporting local sports associations. For each €3 lottery ticket 80% goes straight to our training materials. Buying tickets can be done responsibly and corona-proof:

  • Via this link
  • Scanning the QR code in the lottery tickets book of one of our members, and by selecting “TTV Amsterdam (Amsterdam)” as vereniging and filling out the online form. See also this instruction video (in Dutch).

Finally, you can also fill out a ticket in the ticket book of one of our members.

In 2019 we had a huge success selling lottery tickets and we hope to beat that result! Of course there are great prizes to be won this year. The draw is on the 9th of December and ticket numbers can be found as purchase details on your bank statement.