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Table tennis at TTV Amsterdam: Both challenging and fun

Table tennis club Amsterdam is looking for new youth members. From 3 September you can follow a free trial training every Monday and Friday between 5 pm and 6 pm in our beautiful sports hall Laan van Spartaan next to the OLVG West hospital.

TTV Amsterdam has one of the largest youth departments in the region and the best trainers. As a result, you grow quickly. You can start playing table tennis at any age, but between 8 – 12 years is ideal. During the training, the members work towards different levels, which is challenging. Our youth members train one to three times a week and the training sessions are intensive but also fun and at TTV Amsterdam, national top players and and recreational players train next to each other. We have almost as many boys as girls among the youth members. In addition to table tennis, there are social activities and community outreach events.

At TTV Amsterdam we think it is important that sport is accessible to every child. With Stadspas or comparable income, the contribution can be paid by the Youth Fund Sport. Curious? Please come and visit us from 3 September onwards on Mondays or Fridays between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM in the purple hall of the Laan van Spartaan sports hall. If you register in advance at, we will ensure that a practice bat is ready for you. Please check for further details.