Smashing results in autumn competition

The autumn juniors competition was completed on 11 December. The seniors competition was concluded earlier because evening matches were no longer allowed. Our team 1 (Rafael, Elliot and Mats) participated for the first time, in the first class, supplemented by Tanya and Pim. They promptly won that competition!

The same team 1 played national A with the juniors and managed to qualify for the championship group there. Congratulations and much success!

Team 2 (Timo, Kang and Aiden) held their own in the first division.

Teams 3 and 4 competed in the third division. Not only did team 3 (Sofja, Elad, Milan and Isaac) win the competition, but Isaac also captured the coveted Percentage Challenge Cup. He has won no less than 95% of his league matches and his name will soon be engraved in the cup. A top performance! Team 4 (Isabel, Anna, Joris and Valentin) came in fourth place.