TTV has a very clear vision:

  • Everyone is welcome!
  • The education of youth is paramount.
  • We do not only teach children to play table tennis, we also want to help them develop norms and values: respect, sportiness, honesty, discipline & fun.
  • Recreational sport and top sport are connected to each other.  Top sport is a logical consequence of our professional coaching.
  • Children from their own education move on to the seniors.  Any premier league teams are basically formed from self-trained players.  We are not looking for children or seniors from other clubs to strengthen our association; we make our own players strong! Exceptions are possible, but only if they are in the interest of our own players.
  • The interest of the association always go before the interest of a team or individual.

Current Week training Schedule

Due to COVID-19 unfortunately TTV Amsterdam cannot offer any training. Once the regulations are lifted the training schedule will restart... just like you we can't wait for this to happen!


Club Rules

At TTV Amsterdam good sportsmanship comes first and to guarantee this we have established some rules for those who want to participate in the club. The rules not only apply to the playing youth, but also to the counselors and / or parents of the youth. We attach great value to this and are committed to maintaining it.

  • I accept and respect the other as he is and do not discriminate​
  • Everyone counts within the association​
  • I take into account the limits that the other person indicates​
  • I don't bother the other​s
  • I do no harm to the other​
  • I do not in any way abuse my dominant position​
  • I do not swear or make nasty jokes or comments about others​
  • I don't ignore the other​s
  • I do not participate in bullying, making fun of or gossiping​
  • I don't fight, I don't use violence, I don't threaten the other​
  • I don't get too close and I don't touch the other person against his or her will​
  • I do not give the other person unwanted sexual attention​
  • I don't ask inappropriate questions and I don't make unwanted comments about someone's appearance, personal life or sexual preference​
  • If someone is bothering me or bothering me, I ask him / her to stop​
  • If that doesn't help, I ask someone else for help​
  • I help others to adhere to these agreements and speak to those who do not adhere to it and report this to the board if necessary​

The Team

Privacy Principals

TTV Amsterdam is a small club but we take your privacy seriously. You can review our formal privacy rules in more detail but we wanted to explain them in simple terms to you.

TTV Amsterdam is officially incorporated company with a KVK registration (Nr.:56688040).  Please contact us if you would like to see our incorporation details.