Guidelines to follow while at TTV Amsterdam

  • All attendees must register prior to entering the hall (using the electronic form below)
  • General Dutch RIVM rules apply from the moment of entering the facility
  • All players and visitors register prior to entering the hall via a QR-code (parent or coach can do that for kids not in possession of a mobile phone)
  • Please disinfect your hands when entering and in between matches
  • Except for one coach or coaching parent per team, not parents or other visitors allowed in the table tennis hall
  • There is no marked walkway, everybody please adhere to the 1.5 meter rule
  • De canteen in Sporthal Laan van Spartaan is closed
  • Changing rooms can be used but only when really necessary. Please try to change at home!
  • Taking showers is not possible
  • No changing of sides during the match. The visiting team is the first to choose a side, then take turns
  • In between matches, please clean table, ball, scoreboard + table. Please don’t touch the table tennis table with sweaty hands
  • If your ball crosses the fence, you pick it up yourself
  • Youths are allowed to play doubles. If a team prefers not to play doubles, discuss with the other team prior to the start of the first match

Why do you have to register

RIVM has outlined a set of rules that we must follow due to the corona virus. As a result TTV Amsterdam is obliged to collect contact details of all attendees at TTV Amsterdam and ask some general health questions. This is necessary in case a corona infection is detected in one of the attendees within four weeks after your visit. In that case TTV Amsterdam will follow the advice of RIVM in informing all visitors.

TTV Amsterdam will not use this information for any other purpose and we will destroy the data after 4 weeks unless instructed otherwise by RIVM.

Registration form

DO NOT register more than 4 days in advance as you are certifying that people meet the RIVM health requirements. (Note: It is important that you pick the specific date you will be at TTV Amsterdam, if you enter the wrong date you will have to re-register.)
Please select which role best describes you. If you are registering on behalf of a player please select coach / trainer or parent / guardian.

Registering additional players

Only use this if you are responsible for the team playing or are registering a minor on their behalf